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To hopefully my awesome OC XenoGirl more popularity and HOPEFULLY, make it to a future XenoGirl film.

I really appreciate any help or support. :)

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Tristan T. Lund
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Favorite Quotes:
"It's the cat man!" -Brett to Parker from ALIEN
"A survivor, unclouded by conscience, remorse, or delusions of morality." -Ash to Ripley from ALIEN
"If it bleeds we can kill it." -Dutch to Anna from PREDATOR
"So who's laying these eggs?" -Ripley to Bishop from ALIENS
"These things ain't ants." -Vasquez to Hudson from ALIENS
"This, is my BOOMSTICK!" -Ash to peasants from Army of Darkness
"Not too close I hope." -David to Holloway from PROMETHEUS
"Get it out of me!" -Shaw from PROMETHEUS
"What did we do wrong!" -Shaw to Engineer from PROMETHEUS
"It's carrying death!" -Shaw to Captain from PROMETHEUS

Top 15 movies:
4. Super 8
5. Evil Dead 2
6. Robocop
7. An American Werewolf in London
8. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
9. Evangelion 2.22
10. Godzilla vs Destroyah
11. John Carpenter's The Thing
12. Lord of the Rings
13. The Dark Knight
14. John Carpenter's Halloween
15. Prometheus

My OC's Fanclub: :iconxenogirl-fans:

My Stamps:
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1. Pick a story or series you created.
2. Write out how you would want a film adaptation of that work to be in each category
3. Be as in depth as you want.
4. Tag 2 other people if you want. I won't force you.

Story Picked:

The XenoGirl Logo by TheChitinousTeen


    Natasha Xander was always an emotionally extreme girl. But she was always to shy to express herself, and always knew how far was too far, and where to draw the line. That changes one night, when she is abducted by mysterious beings who gift/curse her with an addictive alien suit that turns her into a monster and slowly starts to change her personality. Soon bullies at school become natural prey, and friends become mates as the line between emotions and instincts is blurred. Natasha does her best to resist the suit's grasp on her, but she has no choice but to don it when a Matriarch emerges with a plan to turn everyone into the creature she already is.


    I'm not a huge expert on actors and actresses. I've always had trouble pinning down an actress who I felt could play Natasha Xander. Until recently... After watching Heroes Reborn, I have to say that Francesca Eastwood is the spitting image of Natasha...
4783456 Did-you-know-that-clint-eastwood-has-a-sex by TheChitinousTeen
She looks the part, and I also think she could play the part.
As for other characters, I think Ty Simpkins would make a perfect Peter Xander.
And Scarlet Johansson wouldn't be a bad choice to play Natasha's mother, Julia Xander.


    With XenoGirl, I've been aiming for a horror film. A psychological horror film that acts as a new take on the old stories of lycanthropy, or Jekyll and Hyde with a bit of sexual flavor and subtext.


    I toyed with giving a XenoGirl film a PG-13, but making it a very hard PG-13, like the recent X-Men films. But I think, given the erotic subtext and feel of the story in parts, showing nudity and not being shy might be more appropriate. Plus XenoGirl herself is a scary creature, and violently kills people. Giving it an R rating would be more appropriate, and give it more freedom.


    I'm a fan of long films that act as epics with multiple acts and climaxes, and feel like a long journey themselves. But I wouldn't want to make XenoGirl into a 3 or 4 hour epic. It's not Gandhi. It's a horror film. I would say about 2 hours would be an appropriate runtime. Though I wouldn't be against an alternate extended cut, so long as it is different enough to deserve the alternate cut release. 


    For trailers, I'd of course want to hook people, but not give too much away. The trailers would be more like teasers. They'd show us something brief. Like seeing flashes of a girl being attacked by something fast, a glimpse of her being cocooned, and then a clear shot of her screaming face outlined by the cocoon (though we hear nothing), as we zoom out and see a shadowy creature sticking her to the wall with a growl. The title card would then come up, followed by a glimpse of the creature's jaws retracting to reveal a human head within, though we can't see clearly due to the darkness.


    XenoGirl is a horror film, thus it would make sense to release it around Halloween. However, I find that few people go the the movies around that time. They'd rather stay at home and comfortably watch it there during the fall. But XenoGirl isn't a summer blockbuster either. I think an appropriate release date would be in August, near the tail end of the summer when the box office is starting to cool off. Though some surprises often emerge from this cooling stage. :)


    I'm a huge fan of movie scores. Anything from Williams, to Silvestri, to Goldsmith. But for a XenoGirl film, I think a modern version of a John Carpenter soundtrack would fit really well. A good example of this would be the score to "It Follows".


    Consider me a cinematography geek. :XD: I always enjoy looking at a film's visual style, whether it's good or bad. My favorite type of cinematography is the use of tracking shots, lighting, and framing. I like it when we get long tracking shots that linger and build suspense, while something that we barely perceive happens in the background out of focus. I'd like XenoGirl to be shot in that kind of style. I'd also like to use POV shots for when XenoGirl is around, and we see things from her perspective. A hybrid of the Raimi-cam stuff from Evil Dead 2, and the POV footage from the 2012 remake of Maniac.


    I've always been more of a fan of practical effects, rather than CGI. When something is done for real, it allows the actors to react better, rather than pretend the green tennis ball on a stick a horrific monster. Not that CGI should never be used. I just think it works best when it is adding to something that's already there, not being the only thing there. For a XenoGirl film, I would prefer to do the creature practically. Putting the actress in an elaborate combination of bodypaint and prosthetics. I think CGI could be used to accentuate XenoGirl. For example, the tail could be entirely CGI. As practical tails rarely move right and tend to be a pain. The CGI could also be used to create the effect of XenoGirl's jaws unhinging and opening wide. I'd like for either ILM or WETA to do the CGI, as they're the best at their job it seems. And I know XenoGirl could be done very well practically, as an actress in a suit.
Hell, Ash vs Evil Dead recently had a XenoGirl-looking demon played by a guy in a suit, and DAMN does it look good!
Ash-vs-evil-dead-episode-3-books-from-beyond-recap by TheChitinousTeen

Pacing and Storytelling:

    As for pacing, I'd like the film to open up with Natasha's transformation into XenoGirl. We'd get a glimpse of her, before cutting to the title card, and then cutting to Peter's perspective, as he returns home from school, finding Natasha home after missing for five days. The film would progress, cutting back and forth from Peter's perspective and Natasha's. She'd be going through changes, while he'd be noticing odd things about her. We'd get glimpses of XenoGirl, until a half hour in, when she attacks Natasha's bullies and cocoons them.


    Being the creator of XenoGirl, I think a fitting cameo for me would be the garbled voice of the unseen beings that are grafting the alien suit onto her. Although it would also be funny to play one of the muggers that XenoGirl brutally murders early on. :XD:

So, the first four chapters of my new XenoGirl series are up. The new series being titled "The XenoGirl".
I've completely thrown out any references to the Alien franchise and have gone in a more original direction.
Natasha Xander, The XenoGirl Bio by TheChitinousTeen
I'm curious to know what people's thoughts are on it so far. I've mostly been getting faves, but a few comments here and there.
I'd like to hear your guys' thought in the comments below.
What have you liked so far?
What are your gripes?
Do you miss the old series, or are you excited about the new direction?
What are your theories about what will happen in the later chapters?
Let me know below.
ChitinousTeen Out!

PS: Here are links to the 4 chapters if you have yet to read them:
The XenoGirl: Chapter 1
    My name is Natasha Xander. Or... it used to be. That feels like it was another life. Back before my humanity was taken from me. Allow me to explain if I can... This is my only memory of what happened while I was their captive. And parts of it are still fuzzy, so I'll leave those out. How I got there and how I got out, are among the memories I've long forgotten. It's my only clue as to what really happened. And it barely a piece to the puzzle I can't even summon the will to solve. But I'll tell you what I can recall, if you're still fearless enough to listen...
My eyelids fluttered as consciousness slithered back into my body and mind. I felt... numb. Moving felt tiresome and slower than usual. It was as if I had been submerged in a lake of syrup. There was no force like gravity to tell me what direction was down or up. I could feel pressure bearing down on me. Especially around my face, where it felt like something was clamped around my skull like a vice.

The XenoGirl: Chapter 2
   Oh, it's you again. I see that you've come back to hear more of my story. 
Hmm... I'm not so sure about how I should take that fact.
On one hand, I'm aroused by the fact that you enjoyed it so far.
On the other, I'm concerned about your mental state. Only slightly though, since I don't know you personally. Not like I form those types of relationships anymore...
Keep in mind though... My story is not one for the squeamish.
If last time made any of you feel that way, I'd proceed with caution.
I'd also be grateful if none of you judged me for what I do in my story.
I'm not proud of what I've done in the past. But my life was taken from me by a force that I couldn't control. I did what I did, and there's nothing that can change that.
At least now I'll be able to tell someone about it.
    Perched on her rooftop, the beast felt the cool wind blow across her smooth skin.
The same wind would soon carry her through the skies.
"Shit!" Natasha exclaimed, the

The XenoGirl: Chapter 3
    Hearing me tell you about my other skin, and what it enables me to do when I wear it, you may probably find yourself wishing you had one of your own. Don't.
I can smell that overwhelming sense of intrigue and curiosity. Do not let it take hold of you.
Back then, I was just as curious. Just as intrigued. And just as naive.
For everything positive, there is something negative that will inevitably follow.
A kid gets a new toy or game, and it eats up their attention and focus to the point that their homework is forgotten and their grades plummet.
I was once a kid too... and the "new toy" that devoured my life, is what you see coating my body now. Holding me in an inescapable embrace.
Every second I spend wearing it, fills me with both regret, and pleasure.
If only I'd realized it sooner...
Perhaps I would've lived a simpler life as a human...
Perhaps that would've been boring...
Either way, it's to late to leave the path I took back then.

The XenoGirl: Chapter 4
    Whenever night falls... Whenever my body is laminated with that of a monster... Whenever my identity is consumed and hidden behind a massive maw of teeth...
No matter what I do, no matter how I act, I am never truly myself in that state.
If you try to reason with me, it will be a waste of your time.
Once my body enters that state, my mind falls asleep into an almost dreamlike state. And with me only partially awake inside, and reacting to things like it's a dream, I can be very unpredictable. When you're in a dream, you act like yourself as usual. But, you act differently than you would, were you in the real world. You treat people differently, because you don't believe that they are real.
And because it all feels like a dream to me, memories of what I do are fuzzy when I wake up the next morning. I remember little of what I do, but I'm always compelled to dream as a monster every night.
However, the pleasure that it brings me each night comes at a price.
Wearing the
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