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To hopefully my awesome OC XenoGirl more popularity and HOPEFULLY, make it to a future XenoGirl film.

I really appreciate any help or support. :)

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Tristan T. Lund
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United States
Favorite Quotes:
"It's the cat man!" -Brett to Parker from ALIEN
"A survivor, unclouded by conscience, remorse, or delusions of morality." -Ash to Ripley from ALIEN
"If it bleeds we can kill it." -Dutch to Anna from PREDATOR
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"It's carrying death!" -Shaw to Captain from PROMETHEUS

Top 15 movies:
4. Super 8
5. Evil Dead 2
6. Robocop
7. An American Werewolf in London
8. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
9. Evangelion 2.22
10. Godzilla vs Destroyah
11. John Carpenter's The Thing
12. Lord of the Rings
13. The Dark Knight
14. John Carpenter's Halloween
15. Prometheus

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What a Lovely Day For Cinema!

    First of all, I'd like to thank ChristoMan for introducing me to the original Mad Max trilogy. I didn't really care for the first one (Even if what they did with their budget was impressive.) But I loved The Road Warrior, and I enjoyed most of Thunderdome. So by the time Fury Road came out, my hype for Avengers had more or less burned out, and my hype for the new Mad Max film was ignited. So now the next film I'm hyped for is Jurassic World. (Still really optimistic and excited for that one. ^^;)
Second, I'm sure alot of people have seen the INSANE critical praise that this film has been getting. It's almost scary how positive critical response has been. So, I'm not writing this review to tell you that the film is good and that you should see it. That's pretty much what all critics are saying. I'm writing this review to explain why I think you should see it, and why I think more films like Fury Road should be made.
This film doesn't really have much of a plot. And I know, alot of people are going to go "That's putting style over substance like Michael Bay! It's gonna suck then!" But I strongly disagree. Bay never put style over substance. He put explosions, product placement, and bouncing tits over substance. There's a difference. A film can be loved and enjoyed just for its visuals and style. Look at much of Burton's films, or even Zack Snyder's stuff. Film and cinema is a visual media. Probably the number one rule for film is "show, don't tell". I feel like everyone has gotten carried away and believes all films must be well written like a Nolan film and relate to individuals in order to be good. And while great writing can certainly heighten a film, Fury Road is a film that shows the world that breathtaking visuals can be enough sometimes. A film doesn't NEED a great or complex story to be good.
Hell, I recently saw Steven Spielberg's first film, Duel. A film with no plot really, just a simple premise with vehicles chasing eachother. But it's all about execution. An hour and a half film of a guy in his little red car being run down by a massive truck, wouldn't be as entertaining or visually stimulating if it weren't for Spielberg's execution and style.
Mad Max Fury Road works very much the same way. It's essentially a 2 hour car chase, that gives us sparing amounts of dialogue and character development throughout. If you're looking for a Nolan film, or a script that forces you to use your brain, look elsewhere. But personally, I'm glad that for once we get a film that proves that style can be superior to substance sometimes.
The director, George Miller, who is returning to the Mad Max films after 30 years, now in his 70's. He set out to make a silent film almost. He wanted to make a film that foreign audiences who didn't speak english could understand without subtitles thanks to visual cues and the actors' body language. And I think he succeeded in that aspect. I'd almost love to see an alternate cut of this film that muted the dialogue, leaving us with just the sounds and the score. Speaking of which, this film has quite an epic score thanks to composer Junkie XL. Its loud and thundering, with almost a growl behind it, which blends it seamlessly with the movie's sound mix. The vehicles in this film are also awesome. I can't put into words how satisfying it is to see real cars doing these stunts. No more of this CGI Fast and Furious BS. Yes I know some of their stunts were practical. But THIS is how you do a car chase with carnage, flames, bullets, and sand. And while the characters aren't deep, I think the actors do a great job at portraying them. Tom Hardy. I only know him from Dark Knight Rises, but he's great here. Playing a Max who's almost feral. He speaks more as the film goes on. But at first, he only says a few simple words at a time and seems very animalistic, even borderline snarling at times. Charlize Theron is pretty good here as well, playing a character who feels like the female version of Max in this universe. But my favorite character has to be Nux, played by Nicholas Hoult. He steals the show in several scenes.
And throughout this film, I do like the amount of world-building they do. Showing different factions of the villain's army. Like the Gas Town, and the Bullet Farmers. As well as some unique cars driven by members from other territories. Like the "Buzzards" and their cars covered in spikes. You can't get much more badass than a rust Fire Truck covered in spikes, speeding through the desert, with giant saw blades and an excavator arm extending from its sides.
I can't really think of anything to say about this film. I think this may be one of my new favorite films period. The one thing I will say, is that if you're looking for a deep story about characters, you won't find one here. There are a few subtle themes about feminism and anti-war. But you don't really know the characters any better at the end than you do at the beginning. But then again, none of the Mad Max films have really been about characters. They've been about the world and the post-apocalyptic environment that George Miller brings to life like no one else. Max is just a character trying to survive like everyone else.
I strongly recommend this film to anyone looking for a film with incredible style and action scenes. It is a beautiful piece of film-making and entertainment. And unlike Lucas with Phantom Menace and Ridley Scott with Prometheus, Miller returns to his original trilogy to not only make a film that's faithful to the originals, but one that I will hold up as the best of the series.
I give Mad Max Fury Road a very enthusiastic 10/10
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Was bored, so I decided to make a new Journal tag. So here are the rules. :)

1. Choose a character/series/story that you created and would love to see as a videogame.
2. Fill out the following information in this Journal based on how you would like to see the game play. (Console, controls, story, gameplay.) You may use examples from other games for reference.
3. Tag 2 other people. 
4. If you are tagged, and don't want to do this journal, you must be nuts. So start looking for an excuse. :XD:

Now then, let's begin. As one might've guessed, I decided to go with my most popular character/series, XenoGirl.
XenoGirl Logo by Chronorin
So, if XenoGirl were to be made into a videogame, this is the way I would imagine it.

Console and Genre:
I'm not a huge expert on gaming genres. But for a XenoGirl game, I would like to see it as sort of a free-roam action/adventure sandbox game. A single player game. Not a multiplayer game. Sorta like the Arkham Batman games or Shadow of Mordor.
Manhattan would likely be the open world. And as you'd progress through the campaign, seasons would change, and the game would have a day and night cycle. The environment would also change, as The Queen is integral to the campaign. The city will eventually start to get darker, and covered with more resin as more Xenos begin showing up than people.
As for console, I'm not really picky. But given that the game would be pretty big and open world, with great graphics I'd hope, it would probably have to be played on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Story and Gameplay:
The story of the XenoGirl videogame would probably follow all of the events in my original XenoGirl series. From Natasha receiving the Xenosuit, to the Queen's assimilation of the city, all the way to the ending with Natasha discarding the suit. (Although there would be multiple endings, depending on how you play through the game.) The game is all in 3rd person. (Except for maybe a few cutscenes.) Most of the game, you would be playing as Natasha Xander, AKA XenoGirl. But there would also be certain levels where you get to play as other characters, unlocking them for free-roam gameplay. Such as Jessica Riggs (XenoBrat), the Runner, or even the Queen for a few levels. When playing as XenoGirl, you can either simply knock out, incapacitate, or injure your enemies. Or, you can play more aggressively and kill any enemies you meet. Going for kills is easier, but the more violent you are towards criminals, the more the public will see XenoGirl as more of a monster, than a hero. And this does affect the story. And you can not simply go back and forth between killing and simple knockouts. Because the more kills you make, the harder it will be for you to control how lethal the character is as Natasha becomes more consumed by the suit's instincts. For the other characters, it doesn't matter whether you are lethal or gentle. They won't affect the story. In fact, playing as XenoBrat and the Queen, you are encouraged to be more violent and lethal. The way you control how lethal your attacks are, is with the right trigger. Without holding it, your attacks are simple punches and tail swipes. But you can squeeze the trigger to make your attacks stronger. But you have to be careful. The harder you squeeze it, the more dangerous XenoGirl's attacks will become. And when holding it down all the way, the simple punch becomes a blood spurting slash, and a tail sting will become a stab. XenoGirl can counter enemies attacks, similar again to Shadow of Mordor and the Arkham games. She can also run pretty fast, especially if you allow her to sprint. And the get around from rooftop to rooftop, she can leap very far distances. Depending on how long you charge up her leap, and how fast you are moving, XenoGirl will leap a different height, distance, and angle. Another ability that XenoGirl and all the Xenos share, is the ability to climb on walls. Simply press and hold the right bumper to grip a wall or ceiling's surface and stay on it. Another ability I forgot to mention. XenoGirl can spit globs of resin onto people that wrap them in thick cocoons. It's useful for subduing enemies if your in a position to use it easily. But her suit can only hold so much of it, and will run out of it. So use it wisely. It can be replenished by eating food. Which can be obtained by either, grabbing a snack from the fridge at Natasha's house, stealing some from a grocery store (don't get caught!), or, if you choose to be a monster, you can eat the flesh of defeated humans. This may all make it sound far easier to simply play as the monster. But it actually is just as hard. As becoming a monster under the suit will lead to Natasha being rejected by her mother, and you will not be able to rest in Natasha's bedroom in order to save. Instead, you will have to find a secluded area of the city to build a lair of resin. There, you will be able to rest and save your progress. But the police and Weyland Industries who are actively hunting you, now that you are no longer a hero, can find your lair and destroy it. This forces someone playing the monster style to be careful, and ready to build another lair should they need to save and their old one has been destroyed. As mentioned, playing through the campaign you will go through levels where you get to play as new characters such as The Queen and the Runner. They each play differently. And in order to unlock them for free roam, you must complete their storyline. You get to play as the Queen for a short segment early on, where the newly transformed Quinn rampages through the Weyland labs, killing any humans she finds, and converting a few into Xenos. You can turn as many humans as you want into Xenos. But the more you have, the harder it is to stay in control of their minds, and some will start to break free of your will. But don't worry. This is only this way in this level and free-roam. In the Long Live the Queen levels, your goal is to convert as many as possible, without being discovered. Playing as XenoBrat is fairly similar to playing as XenoGirl. Only, all of her attacks are lethal regardless of what you do. (Until you unlock her for free-roam) And she can also convert some humans into Xenos. But a fewer number than the Queen. The Drone plays like a bigger, heavier version of XenoGirl who can spit acid. All of her attacks are lethal. The Runner also plays similar to XenoGirl, except it's far faster, always staying on all fours. It can't spit resin. But it's speed is not to be underestimated, as its regular run is the same speed as XenoGirl's sprint. But the Runner is choosy about its host. And different hosts will last longer, before you have to move on and find another one. You can use the special vision all Xenos share by pressing the left bumper. Doing so highlights all humans nearby. The ones highlighted in a darker shade of Bronze are hosts who can be used longer. Ones with lighter shades won't last long. This goes for the Queen and XenoBrat as well. Except it's lighter colors that are easier to control, and darker ones that are more likely to resist. I think that covers most everything.

Again, I don't play much games. But the controller I'm used to is a PlayStation controller. So I will be listing the controls as such.

-Left Joystick: Movement. Click in, to sprint.
-Right Joystick: Camera. Click in to center camera.
-X Button: Jump. Tap for a simple jump. Hold down to charge up a long leap.
-O Button: Tail Attack. Hold down to charge up a spin attack.
-Square Button: Fist/Claw attack.
-Triangle Button: Counter.
-Triangle + Square Simultaneously: Counter an incoming attack and grab the enemy.
-L1: Xeno Vision
-L2: Hold to enter ranged "Spitting Mode". In this mode, press R2 to spit resin/acid.
-R1: Press and hold to grip onto a surface and hold onto it.
-R2: Increase brutality of attacks. Hold all the way down for lethal kills.
-Start: Pause Menu
-Select: Upgrades Menu
-Down on D-Pad: Interact
-Up on D-Pad: Lock on
-Left and Right on D-Pad: Switch Targets

I believe that's it for me. :)
Your guys' turn! :D
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